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Where do businesses' legal needs come from?

And how can Calibrate Legal help you navigate them?

If you look around you’ll see that our world is full of all kinds of businesses! Retail stores, cleaning and repair services, cafes, manufacturers, primary industries, professional consultants, healthcare – the list goes on. These businesses have all kinds of dealings with other businesses and customers, and all participants have legal rights and obligations. This means that business owners and managers can’t avoid or ignore how legal matters affect those businesses.

The legal rights and obligations come from three main kinds of sources:

  • legislation enacted by our House of Representatives

  • common law developed by courts over time

  • contracts

Businesses are affected and influenced by all of these sources of law, and people who are unfamiliar with how to respond to them or navigate around them are missing out on opportunities.

How can a lawyer help? A lawyer can help by:

  1. advising on how to operate within the requirements of the law (eg labour laws, food safety laws) so that the business can avoid fines;

  2. drafting clear contracts between the business and other parties so that rights and obligations are clear and as fair as possible;

  3. advising on how to comply with existing contracts so that the business can avoid ending up in court!

All of this means you can save time and money and focus on what’s important – growing your business and enjoying your preferred lifestyle!

If you’d like to hear more about how I can help you work on your business please email or call for a free one hour introductory session.

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