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Introducing Calibrate Legal

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Welcome to Calibrate Legal!

I’m the owner, Tamara Liebman and I’m very proud to be up and running and ready to start working with local and national businesses and not-for-profits. In this, my first blog post, I’ll introduce myself, the firm and what we’re all about.

About me

Calibrate Legal is me, Tamara Liebman. I am an Auckland-based lawyer specialising in commercial and corporate advice for small organisations, and I’ve been in legal practise for over 15 years. After I started out as a disputes lawyer I realised that litigation didn’t “float my boat” and early on switched to general commercial practise. In the past few years I’ve concentrated on developing expertise in business law, working for clients in sectors like manufacturing, food and beverage and franchising. Now, with Calibrate Legal I’m looking forward to using my business law expertise to help smaller organisations.

Why do you need a specialist business lawyer?

Businesses need all kinds of legal advice and documents to be prepared or reviewed. A lot of small businesses try to do without specialist advice, often in order to save costs. This can be risky though, as poorly prepared documents can cause costly problems down the track. Good legal advice will save you money in the longer term. Even better, I am offering that specialist advice to you for much less than what you’ll pay a city law firm!

What sort of work does a business lawyer do for clients?

Here are some examples of everyday legal work many businesses will need:

  • terms of trade and website terms

  • customer and supplier agreements to prevent disputes down the track

  • shareholder agreements setting out rights and obligations

  • shareholder investment and exit

  • franchise and other distribution arrangements

  • employment and independent contractor agreements for staff

  • intellectual property such as trade mark registration to protect your brand

  • commercial leases for premises

  • corporate governance advice

  • compliance, for example with privacy laws

Less frequently, businesses may need the following work done:

  • company formation and restructure

  • advice about the interpretation of contracts

  • sale and purchase of businesses and assets, or shares

In future blog posts I will write about some of these jobs. In the meantime, please give me a call or drop me a line, to discuss what your needs might be. The initial 1 hour meeting is on me!

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